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The Olive Oil and some general health benefits

olive oil and general health
Don’t hesitate to embed the olive oil in your diet!

The olive oil was very appreciated since the antiquity. Back then it was used to prepare food and for curring the wounds. It’s qualities where transmitted from generation to generation and today it’s considered a basic element of a healthy diet.The oil made from olives contains vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, E, K, iron, saturate acids, antioxidants, mono-saturated fat acids. At the same time, the olive oil has a low number of calories (120 calories peer a spoon of oil). One of the best olive oils are the extra virgin ones, prepared directly from the olive juice. This type of oil can be used for cooking replacing the animal fats and butter.

It is known that the olive oil reduces the concentration of bad cholesterol without diminishing the level of good cholesterol. It is very well tolerated by our stomach. The olive oil even has an important function in protecting our stomach from gastritis and ulcer. In the same time it reduces the risk of infarct and it slows down the evolution of breast cancer.

A spoon of olive oil taken in the morning, on the empty stomach, favors the digestion and helps to the assimilation of vitamins and mineral serums. Another benefit of this oil made from olives is that it limits the loss of calcium, especially at the aging individuals, helping to prevent the osteoporosis.

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