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The Secrets of Good Digestion

tips for a good digestion
Tips for a good digestion

If you eat too much or too fat, the stomach can offer you unpleasant surprises. In this article you’ll find out which are the secrets of a good digestion and this way you will forget about stomach problems and stomach aches.

Some aliments, like: cabbage, onion, garlic, sugar, fresh bread, beans, sweets and fat aliments, cause frequently digestive problems. After reading this article, you will use the best methods to get rid of problems.

The Secrets of Good Digestion
1. Spice the food correctly – Some aliments rich in fibers could cause stomach gas, but you shouldn’t quit them. Just use while cooking the following condiments like: anise, savory, ginger, rosemary, crocus and caraway. This condiments facilitate the digestion. At the same time, they prevent the use of salt in excess.

2. Eat slow – If you hurry-up, you will swallow a lot of air. This air will gather in the intestine. Also, the food will reach the stomach without being properly chewed. A digestion secret would be to eat slow and to chew very well the food before swallowing it. This way the stomach can produce enough acids and has enough time to digest the food properly.

3. Drink a lot of fluids, but do it wisely – the liquids help the digestion out, but it is important no to drink fluids during the meal, because they dilute the gastric acid. So, you should drink a lot of water, tea and juices prepared by you, but only between the meals.

4. Take natural stimulants – For a good digestion you should take fennel, anise or mint tincture. If you usually eat fat foods, you should chose the artichoke extract. This natural stimulant will ease your stomach immediately.

5. Practice sports – Sedentary people tend to have increased chances of suffering from the appearance of digestive problems. To avoid this issue, you should practice some light sports 30 minutes after you have eat: go for a walk, for some shopping or practice several exercises.

As you read in the above statements. Practicing sports, taking natural stimulants and avoiding the unhealthy eating habits will help you improve your digestion. There is a high chance that you will never have digestion problems once you follow this tips and secrets. Good luck!

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