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Three Simple Tips For Hiding Your Hunger

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Time to share with you a few simple tricks that will help everyone to postpone it’s meal or to hide your hunger. As we all know it is very hard not to eat when hunger comes into our mind. You know that it’s not lunch time yet, but you still feel the need to eat something. Well let me share with you three simple tricks that will help you to avoid hunger.

1. “Eat only when you are starving!”
First of all, and this is a very simple rule:“Eat only when you are starving!”
This means that you should not eat something just because it looks appealing or because you would like to eat. You should eat only when you need it, only when you have your meal time.

2. Drink a glass of water!
Some of you might not know, but hunger is also triggered by thirst. So when you feel hungry, drink at first a glass of water. If the hunger feeling continues, only then you should eat.

3. “Relax and do some sports!”
Did you think that you escaped from it? Wrong, sports as I mention in all my articles is the most essential thing related to weight loss. So try to go for a short walk, or do an hour of work in the garden or any physical activity which will keep your mind away from food. This really works believe me! ;)

– And now time for another weight loss bonus!
Bananas contain less water as the other fruits, and this assures a fast digestion. Bananas contain a lot of potassium, the B6 vitamin and a smaller quantity of Vitamin C. This exotic fruits are usually preferred by sportsmen.

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