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Top 10 Healthy Energy Foods which keep you active and prevent cancer

low level energy Energy is the one that keeps us active and provides the much needed power to complete our daily activities. Without energy, human beings are like cars without petrol, sailing ships without wind or fire without wood. Our main source of energy is food. This is why we have to plan our diet accordingly. Introducing high energy foods in our balanced diet will keep us active and highly productive during the entire day.

An extra intake of energy foods is needed if we plan do include physical workouts in our daily routine. To get right to the point, of course, we need energy for weight loss. I underlined this many times on this blog. I am militating for active weight loss. This means losing weight trough exercise and an overall active lifestyle and not trough pills or starving. An optimal diet in this case is to obtain the following great proportion. We need to maximize the intake of energy foods, keeping the fat intake at the lowest level possible.

Another proverb says, ‘A rich meal, shows a rich soul!’, and I would add a healthy body. We all agree that a healthy diet and physical workouts do wonders. I just read an article stating that this year’s highest male death rate was caused by lung cancer. With some countries reaching an incredible percentage of 70%. This is why I included some energy foods which prevent cancer in this top 10.

One more, thing until I present you the list. It is highly recommended to perform some sports outdoors, in nature. This way lungs are ventilated with fresh air. You can refresh your whole body with a simple 30 minutes evening jog in the park. By the way this will also help you improve your sleep.

OK, time to share the top 10 energy foods. Below are listed aliments which prevent cancer, offering in the same time energy for and active lifestyle.

Top 10 Healthy Energy Foods
1. Apple
You know the proverb: ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away!’. This one seems really true. The apple provides the necessary fibers to maintain a healthy bowel, while the apple pectin retrieved from the apple’s peal, prevents cancer. Moreover, apples are an oasis of healthy energy. They also activate the blood flow.

2. Eggplant
Eggplants are the perfect sedative. Including them regularly in your diet helps you to escape from stress. They are ideal to eat about 1 hour before your daily sports activity. Antioxidants provided by eggplants maintain the muscle tone. This vegetable also contains carotenoids which aid in cancer prevention.

3. Apricot
The apricots have been considered a good aphrodisiac for hundreds of years. You can easily figure it out why I included it in this energy foods, top 10. Apricots contain lycopene and vitamin B which drive our hormones and give us the lust for life. It was also scientifically proved the apricots keep the prostate cancer away.

4. Grapefruit
Just try this out. Press a grapefruit in the morning and poor all the juice in an empty glass. Drink it, slowly, on an empty stomach. You will actually feel how your energy revels rise and you will be more than ready to start the new day. Grapefruits also aid in preventing Influenza viruses. Perhaps the most important thing is that grapefruits help us to get rid of excess calories, while providing the high energy.

5. Yogurt
Yogurt is not really a high energy food, but I added it to the list because it helps in preventing all bone problems that might occur in time, like osteoporosis or bone cancer. Moreover, yogurt increases our immunity and protects the stomach from germs.

6. Banana
This exotic fruit contains a lot of fibers. Fibers help us to get rid of the toxic substances contained in our body. The banana is a good doctor for the body because it rejects all impurities. Banana is a good energy food because it provides potassium. Potassium helps in maintaining normal muscle function and also aids the nervous system. Potassium is easily lost by our bodies during stress periods or during strenuous physical activities.

7. Green tea
Asians do not let the day pass without drinking a cup of green tea. They strongly claim that this drink, full of polyphenols, maintains the body strong and energized. They also claim that green tea prevents breast cancer and many researchers tend to agree with them.

8. Cheese
Cheese contains calcium and lactic germs. They act like a dressing for our stomach and strengthen its functions. Most of the scientist claim that if the stomach is healthy the body is healthy too. All you have to do is to eat cheese and you will be free from all disease.

9. Orange
Fresh natural orange juice provides extra energy along with a complete series of vitamins. Check the grapefruit section and use the same tip provided there. Orange also helps with colds and sore throat problems. This fruit increases the number of antibodies and helps you handle to low temperatures which occur during wintertime. Over time, oranges act as a shield against throat and stomach cancer.

10. Tuna
Tuna fish is great for anemic persons. If you need to tone your body, all you have to do is to eat tuna fish. Tuna is rich in Omega 3, a substance which helps both body and mind. Tuna also aids in muscle development, so don’t avoid it if you are performing regular sports activities.

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