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Top 10 winter weight loss and fitness tips

winter weight loss tips Winter is knocking at the door and we should be ready to continue the weight loss and fitness routines during the cold season too. This is why I am posting this article with the top 10 weight loss and fitness tips for the winter season.

Most people tend to gain weight during winter time, simply because they stop their fitness routines and start to eat more sweets and high caloric food. The main explanation for quitting sports during winter time are, of course, the cold weather. The holiday season, Christmas and the New Year parties are good excuses for large meals, alcohol and sweets abuse.

The winter weight loss and fitness tips provided below are very handy for controlling your body weight, keeping your body fit and why not, for losing weight. You will be surprised how helpful most winter sports are for burning calories. Perform as many such sports, as often as possible and you will overcome the winter season with ease.

Top 10 winter weight loss tips
red weight loss
10. Wear Red
Many claim that wearing red aids in weight loss. The winter months are the best time for wearing this color, so, you can easily try this magical theory out. You can dress yourself as Santa Claus, wear red underwear, try a red scarf or anything similar.
Red pajamas should not miss from your wardrobe.

Followers claim that the red color provides pure energy and will melt your fat away. You can even lose weight during your sleep using the above mentioned red pajamas. More, for getting rid of belly or but fat, you should wear a red bicycle short, during the night.

winter car parking 9. Away Parking
Parking your car further away is another great solution of burning extra calories. You can apply this tip very easy. Just find a place for parking your car so that you allow yourself some walking distance until you reach your destination. Allow yourself a 5 minute walk every time you drive.

This is a great tip for all seasons. However nothing is more refreshing like a 5 minutes winter walk. This way you will refresh yourself and burn calories in the same time.

Of course, the ideal solution would be to replace driving with walking as often as possible. :)

weight loss shopping 8. Shopping
You might be surprised, but yes shopping can aid in weight loss. Christmas and the winter season are important reasons for shopping. We can all agree about the fact that everyone needs to shop for Christmas gifts during this time of the year.

Shopping implies a lot of walking, standing and even carrying especially for those who want to take on every store and every mall.

A decent shopping session can burn around 165 calories per hour for the average individual. Take care because it can burn a lot more cash though.

snow cleaning weight loss
7. Snow cleaning
This is another great winter workout. Cleaning the snow from your car, sidewalk or porch can be a very fun and requesting activity.

You only need the proper clothing, a shovel and a snow brush. One hour of snow shoveling burns up to an impressive amount of 550 calories. A simple morning car snow cleaning will easily burn 100 calories within 10 minutes.

So, pray for snow, because it’s worth it! :D

dancing weight loss
6. Dancing
The winter holidays and the New Year are some great occasions for hosting or attending to parties. I advise you to use every opportunity for maximizing the weight loss process and dancing is one of them.

Dancing can burn up to 400 calories per hour. This is probably the nicest way of burning the extra fight. Dancing is both fun, relaxing and interactive.

I strongly advise you not to miss a party this winter! ;)

skating weight loss 5. Ice Skating
Nothing is more pleasant like an evening skating session at the local skating ring. Many people, nice music and mulled wine are a guarantee for a nice evening together with your friends.

You don’t even need your own skates. All skating rings offer various skating boots for rent. Half an hour of moderate skating burns around 200 calories. Considering that an average skating session last 90 minutes, you can burn easily 500 calories and have lots of fun.
Skate carefully!

cross country skiing weight loss 4. Cross Country Skiing

Cross country skiing is a pleasant winter sport practiced usually by middle aged people. It’s a great cardiovascular fitness workout. It’s a sport with low injury risks.

However you need special cross country tracks do practice it. The equipment consists in cross country boots and skies. Special cross country suit is also needed.

Half an hour of cross country skiing can waste an impressive number of 375 calories.

skiing and weight loss 3. Downhill Skiing
Downhill skiing couldn’t miss the top 3 entrance. The most popular winter sport is of course a great calorie burner. It’s a mind and body refreshing activity which can easily rise your adrenaline level with every skied slope.

However please rate your skiing level accordingly and chose the appropriate slope difficulty. Leg and especially knee injuries are common for beginner and advanced skiers.

30 minutes of skiing burn an average of 325 calories! ;)

snowboarding and weight loss 2. Snowboarding
Surprisingly or not snowboarding burns fat faster than skiing. Half an hour of snowboarding burns on average 350 calories. However because of injury risks and difficulty snowboarding is usually performed by young and middle aged people.

In order to snowboard you need a complete equipment starting with snowboard suit. The snowboard goggles and gloves are a must. The boots and the actual snowboard should be selected after consulting a snowboard instructor.

Are you ready for the number 1 winter weight loss activity?

snowshoe walking weight loss 1. Snowshoe walking
Snowshoeing or snow shoe walking is perhaps one of the most efficient safe and easy to perform winter activity. You only need a pair of snowshoes, two poles and some friends to walk with. Practically everyone who can walk can enjoy snowshoeing.

Snowshoe walking targets a large social and age range. It is a fun, inexpensive and healthy activity. It allows you to spend a fun and interactive day together with friends or family.

Referring to the health benefits, snowshoeing is a great cardiovascular exercise. More, it is considered one of the most efficient calorie burning exercise. 30 minutes of vigorous deep snow walking on varied terrain can burn up to 400 calories.

Snowshoe walking video

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