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True or false weight loss questions

potatoes and weight loss
Frequent weight loss questions and useful answers!

Question: Is bread a danger for our health? – Answer: False.
The bread doesn’t necessarily bring you extra kilograms. It depends on how much you eat and what you combine with bread. 100 grams of white bread contain 255 calories. More specific this is 12% from the daily needed calories. A sandwich that contains bread, butter and cheese turns out as a caloric bomb. This combination is ‘lethal’ for overweight people. As a conclusion, bread shouldn’t be eliminated from our daily diet. We should ingest it in the right quantities and in the right combination, 2 slices per day should be enough. It’s recommended to eat bread during breakfast and during lunch.

Question: Potatoes have many calories? – Answer: False.
Potatoes don’t contain many calories, but the problem occurs when they are cooked. Usually, the potatoes are fried and they are spiced with different sauces, rich in calories. So, if you’ll consume boiled potatoes, you will benefit of their properties without the risk of gaining additional kilograms.

Question: Chocolate leads to overweight? – Answer: Not necessary.
Chocolate is an aliment rich in calories, specially the chocolate with milk and diverse creams. Instead, the black chocolate (contains minimum 70% cocoa). This type of chocolate doesn’t represent a major danger for your silhouette and is healthy for your organism. The dark chocolate provides extra energy and also better energy. Students usually eat it in larger quantities during their exam learning periods.

Question: Does beer add extra kilograms? – Answer: Not to many.
The beer without alcohol is the drink that provides the less danger for people that have problems with the overweight. If you prefer the alcohol beer, I think that most of us do that, you should be careful not to exaggerate with the amounts consumed. Around 300 ml a day should be enough. One thing is certain. You should never combine the beer with different soda juices, because this combo provides maximum levels of calories.

Question: Does cheese lead to overweight? – Answer: Possibly.
It all depends of what sort of cheese you eat and of the amount of fats it contains. For example, the low fat cottage cheese hasn’t a big number of calories if it’s consumed in a combination with fresh vegetables.

Question: Do soda juices have more calories as the normal ones? Answer: No.
It’s advisable to drink juices without sugar, instead of those with a normal caloric level. Some individuals believe that if on a certain product the text ‘no sugar’ is displayed, it means that those products can be consumed in unlimited amounts. This is not true, because the light drinks have just less sugar but not also less calories.

Question: Do bananas harm weight loss? – Answer: False.
On the contrary, the bananas are citric fruits that contain a very little amount of fats (100 grams of bananas contain only 85 calories). These fruits are rich in potassium and because of that they are recommended to be eaten during the meals.

Question: Do fruits lead to overweight? – Answer: Not necessary.
It is advisable to eat fruits between meals, because this way the human organism will digest them easier.

Question: Do biscuits harm our organism because of the flour? Answer: It depends.
Two-three digestive biscuits eaten in the morning with a cup of milk won’t produce any disequilibrium to your silhouette. The biscuits are good for eating during breakfast. It’s preferable that they don’t contain cream, because the ingested calories will double in case of eating biscuits with cream.

Question: Do spaghettis add kilograms? Answer: False.
The spaghettis alone won’t add kilograms. The sauces and the cheese that are combined with spaghettis are the cause for the extra calories. A portion of spaghetti’s with boiled vegetables and some olive oil it’s very advisable and it hasn’t that many calories.

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