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Unheard Natural and Fast Curring General Health Tips

fast curing migraine tip
Natural general health tips

Cure the Biliary Crisis – If you eat to much and to fast you are predisposed. If you have a biliary crisis, you should boil 2-3 spoons of chicory root in 1 liter. Drink a cup from this mix before each meal. If the pain is acute, you should take a spoon of olive oil every half an hour, eventually mix it up with some lemon.

Unpleasant Migraine (megrim) – Many days of hard work and accumulated stress can lead to migraines. In this case you should massage your temples with savory oil or lavender oil. Place on your forehead several slices of lemon and let them take effect.

Heartburns – A too copious meal can give you gastric hyper acidity. You should prepare quickly a juice of potatoes and carrots or an infusion of hypericum (also known as tutsan). You should drink the juice before you eat. These remedies act as a natural gastric bandage.

Cramps – To cure the cramps, it is indicated to drink a tea made from a spoon of anis (also known as aniseeds), 2-3 times a day, until the cramps disappear.

The tiredness – Here is a simple advice for reinvigorating yourself and getting rid of the tiredness issue. Before you go to bed, take some drops of Valerian tincture for sleeping tight. Next day you’ll feel much better. This is guaranteed.

If you drink too much alcohol prepare an infusion of milfoil and drink 2-3 cups from it.

If you stood too much standing, you should take a bath with rosemary infusion.

If you drink cold fluids and you get yourself a pain in your throat, you should make a gargle, 2-3 times a day. The gargle should be made with marigold tincture, attenuated with water or with common sage infusion.

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