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Unit Converter

The Unit Converter converts some of the International measurement units. This tool can convert units that measure the length. It converts unites provided in the International System of Units (SI) into English Units and United States customary units.

Centimeters vs Inches vs Feet
The Unit Converter offers you the possibility to convert in the centimetersinchesfeet units. It means that you can convert inches in feet, feet in centimeters, centimeters in inches and vice versa.

Kilogram vs Pound
A second option with the Unit Converter is to convert between the two main units of mass. The kilogram, which is the base unit of mass in the International System of Units (SI), and a pound which is the unit of mass in the Imperial units and the United States customary units.

Important ! For converting feet in inches or centimeters, you need to count that a ‘0’ after the last decimal is not counted.
For example 5.10 (5’10” – 5 feet 10 inches) is seen by the converter as 5.1 (5.1″). The calculator neglects each ‘0’ after the last decimal.
If you want to convert 5’11” into centimeters, DO IT it like this:
5’11″= 5’+11″= 152cm+28cm =180cm. (simply convert the feet and the inches separately and the results will be 100% accurate.)
You should follow all the above example for all feet conversions.