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Vitamin D and its weight loss benefits

vitamin D and weight loss Vitamin D is widely recognized as the most important vitamin which helps bones to accumulate as much calcium as possible. Vitamin D is very important for children and adolescents, because Vitamin D has an important role in the human growth process.

However, recent studies have proved that adults and elderly individuals have also an important need of Vitamin D. German studies state that Vitamin D and Vitamin D supplements are helpful for overweight individuals. Vitamin D aids in weight loss. More, this vitamin lowers the triglycerides level and the serum markers of inflammation level. This means that the cardiovascular disease risk is also lowered.

Vitamin D sources
1. The Sun
The main source of Vitamin D is the sun. Our body produces Vitamin D if it’s exposed to sun. However multiple factors as time of day, season of the year, geographic location or sunscreen directly affect vitamin D synthesis. Usually 10-15 minutes of sun exposure, several times a week, can make a huge difference and increase the vitamin D production.

2. Foods
Vitamin D is not often found in food. However the flesh of fish like tuna and salmon as well as fish liver oils are good and rare sources. Vitamin D is also found in fortified foods.

3. Nutritional Supplements
Supplements are a sure source of vitamin D. They are usually a must for people living in areas with low sunlight or areas which are highly polluted.

Vitamin D and weight loss
A daily supplement of 83 mcg of vitamin D keeps the heart and the blood vessels healthy during a weight loss process. Benefits are registered for both males and females, no matter how many kilograms one loses or how much fat tissue the individual burns. As a conclusion vitamin D boosts weight loss and, in the same time, keeps the cardiovascular system healthy.

US researches have recently proved that adding vitamin D to a low calorie diet results in an obvious weight loss boost. Every 1 ng/mL plasma level increase of 25-hydroxycholecalciferol (a measure for vitamin D level in the human body) resulted in an 0.2 kg (0.44 lb) weight loss boost in all individuals which took part at the research. This means that all individuals which followed the low calorie diet imposed by the research and also added vitamin D supplements to it lost 0.2 kg or 0.44lb more as the ones that did not took the vitamin.

Vitamin D deficiency
Vitamin D deficiency can lead rickets if we refer to children. For adults and insufficient amount of vitamin D can lead to osteopenia (general bone mass deficiency), osteoporosis, muscle strength loss, bone fracture risk increase. It also increases the risk of cardiovascular, infectious and autoimmune diseases.

Note: Vitamin D brings a lot of benefits. However this vitamin is soluble, can be accumulated in the human body which can lead to hypervitaminosis. Please consult your doctor for an optimal planing before taking vitamin D supplements.

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