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Weight Loss Predictor

Weight Loss Predictor is a tool designed for you by the WeightLossNote.com. Results from numerous pools and data obtained from specialists in the weight loss field have allowed us to create an algorithm that predicts the weight loss rate for a healthy individual. Of course, that our tool is using estimations and the results have a certain error margin.

The weight loss predictor works only for healthy individuals over 21 years of age. You will need to complete true dates in the fields required by this tool. If you are unsure please document yourself before using our weight loss predictor. Also, we recommend you to carefully read the legend to understand what info is required by every field listed below.

If you have your figures in inch, feet and pounds please convert them using our unit converter tool!

Weight Loss Predictor – Legend
Gender – Please specify your gender, by choosing the appropriate radio button.
Age – Complete this field with your current age.
Height – Add your height. (in centimeters please)
Weight – Complete your current weight.
Min Weight – You should insert here your lowest weight since you became an adult.
Max Weight – Please specify the highest weight that you where ever measured with.
Mother height – What is your mother’s height?
Mother weight – Insert your mother’s average weight.
Father height – What is your father’s height?
Father weight – Insert your father’s average weight.

Do you practice sports?
daily – at least 5 days a week
often – at least 3 days a week
rarely – 1 day a week

Do you follow a diet?