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Weight loss recipe – Rice and vegetable soup

rice and vegetable soup
The rice and vegetable soup diet

I usually eat a portion of soup during every lunch meal. This is why I find this recipe about the rice and vegetables soup very handy especially for those of you that intend to start a weight loss diet. There are plenty reasons for choosing the rice and vegetable soup diet.
First of all it is not difficult to follow. The daily menu is varied so you have different options to choose from. An of course the ideal feature, that you can eat until you feel satiated and still achieve your main goal: lose the extra kilograms.
What you have to do is to cook a soup using the recipe provided below. After that you should divide the rice and vegetable soup in three equal quantities, one portion for each meal of the day. Eat this soup every time you feel hungry and especially during lunch time.

Rice and vegetable soup recipe
– 250 grams of rice;
– 3 kohlrabies (500 grams);
– 200 grams of mushrooms;
– 1 kg of carrots;
– some onion;
– 750 grams of broccoli or cauliflower;
– a spoon of olive oil;
– 2 cloves;
– some savory;
– a leaf of laurel;
– a few condiments;
– 850 grams of tomatoes;
– pepper.

The vegetables are cut into small pieces. The olive oil is warmed up in a big pot in which the soup will be cooked. After that, you should anneal the garlic. The vegetables are added together with 2 1/2 liters of water.
Bring the mixture to a boiling temperature. Then, you should add the rice, the tomatoes and the condiments. The soup is spiced with pepper and you need to let it boil until you observe that the added rice is ready.
After that you add broccoli and you wait for it to boil another 8 minutes.
Very Important: The salt in this soup isn’t allowed!

Food recipes for the breakfast
1. An omelet made from one egg with a slice of brown bread and 2 tomatoes.
2. A slice of brown bread with butter, 30 grams of cheese and 3 radishes.
3. Two slices of brown toast combined a chicken schnitzel and a cucumber.
4. Two slices of brown toast with a spoon of cottage cheese and 2 slices of chicken chest.
5. 150 grams of law fat yogurt with 100 grams of cottage cheese and a slice of brown bread;
6. An apple, one orange, 2 kiwis and 100 ml of milk with a spoon of complet cereals and 150 g of yogurt.

Between the meals at your choice:
– an apple and one kiwi;
– a cup of coffee with milk;
– three salt biscuits ;
– an yogurt;
– 50 grams of cottage cheese;
– a cucumber and 2 slices of cheese;
– 2 tomatoes;
– 2 carrots;
– a cup of law fat milk
– a lettuce with bunch onion and radishes.

The above variations for the breakfast and the aperitif are single choices. I mean you shouldn’t eat the whole list during a breakfast meal. :) Choose a single item from the list and vary it each day.
For dinner go for another portion of rice and vegetable soup and chose something from the ‘Between the meals’ menu.

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