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Welcome at the Weight Loss Note

Hello there and welcome at my Weight Loss Note blog!
I have opened this blog in order to share everyone my opinion about this delicate subject and why not perhaps help some of you to lose some weight, if needed of course, and to live a healthier life.

Please find your way trough my blog by browsing the categories listed in the sidebar. The Weight Loss Note is dealing with this subject from a different point of view. I am pleading for losing weight in order to improve ones life and not from the point of view of losing weight in order to look better or just to be better seen by the society.
I think that it is more important to look at the weight problem as a problem that needs to be solved in order to improve your health. Those that have this problem and find it hard to get a motivation to solve it I would advice them to think at it on the first place as a health problem and not necessarily as a physical problem.

This is the main idea that I will follow on this blog. So stay tuned and check my daily article and you will find some new and useful information for sure.

Note: I want to underline that all opinions posted on this weight loss blog are my own opinions about this subject and some might be not approved from a medical point of view. I mean that if you decide to follow advices posted on this blog are done at our own risk and decision.


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